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RC70/RC100 Heavy Duty Rebar Clamps
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The 2005 NEC standard requires bonding to concrete encased electrodes (rebar) in grounding systems. In some states, the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) have taken this requirement a step further and require two connection points to the rebar. The ERITECH RC70/RC100 provides two connection points to the rebar. This heavy-duty rebar clamp features high-strength bronze alloy construction.

Specifically designed to bond to reinforcing bars (Rebar), the RC70 and RC100 also work with connections to steam pipes, handrails and similar metal structures.

The durable direct-burial ground clamp from ERICO is easy to install and UL Listed. The ERITECH RC70 handles conductors up to 2/0 (70 mm2) and the RC100 handles conductors up to 4/0 (100 mm2).

Provides a heavy-duty connection to rebar
Meets 2005 NEC standard requirement for bonding rebar into the grounding system
Features high-strength bronze alloy construction
Installs easily
Provides two connection points for states where the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) requires it
UL Listed

RC Series Installation

RC70/RC100 Rebar Clamps

Part Number

Rebar Size

Wire Size


8mm - 18mm

10mm2 - 70mm2


18mm - 36mm

10mm2 - 100mm2

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