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Lightning is responsible for between 6 to 10 fatalities and over 100 injuries to Australians annually, whilst Lightning strikes and power transients cause a massive amount of damage to electrical and electronic systems, vital to industry, business, and the home.

Lightning & Surge Technologies is a specialist organization which strives to provide innovative and engineered solutions, which minimize the lightning risk, reduce equipment damage and disruption, and overall, provide a safer workplace, and in general a safer Australia.

Lightning Protection should not just be about the protection of structures and equipment, Lightning and Surge Technologies take the view that Personal Safety from the Lightning Risk, is an even more important consideration, especially where Lightning Safety is often such a forgotten and misunderstood aspect of workplace Occupational Health and Safety.  As well known advocates for Lightning Safety here in Australia, we assist many high risk organisations deal with their workgroups exposure to the lightning risk, and actively lobby those with influence, to help raise the awareness of the lightning risk, for the benefit of all Australians.

As the Western Australian distributor for ERICO, world leaders in Lightning and Surge Protection, we distribute their CRITEC range of high performance Surge Protection devices, and ERITECH range of Direct Strike Lightning Protection systems.  We also recommend and supply the CADWELD range of exothermically welded connections, and ERITECH Copper-bonded Ground Rods and Ground Enhancement Materials, which are vitally important considerations in any Lightning Protection System.

Lightning & Surge Technologies are Specialist Australian Distributors for Professional Grade Lightning Warning Systems such as the Strikeguard and Vaisala, and handheld detection equipment including the Spectrum Thunderbolt, and Skyscan portable hand held Lightning Detectors.

Uninterruptible Power Systems are an important aspect of the complete power protection package, and as distributors for the Powerware range of Line Interactive and Online UPS equipment, we can offer the total commitment for quality power applications.

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