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Connections are often the weak point in ground circuits, especially if they are subjected to high currents and corrosion. The capacity of a grounding circuit to protect property and personnel depends on the quality of its connections. Only the CADWELD Exothermic System provides the permanent, low-resistance connection needed to create a long-lasting, reliable grounding networks.

CADWELD® PLUS is the latest advancement in the continuing evolution of CADWELD exothermic products. It is a simplified method of performing exothermically welded electrical connections.

The CADWELD PLUS System offers all the benefits of conventional CADWELD connections and more
Consists of a tamper proof, disposable, moisture resistant weld metal cup. The weld metal, disk and ignition source are incorporated into one self-contained package
Colour coded weld metal reduces risk of misapplication and gives a simple visual verification of the correct weld metal size
Electronic Control Unit means no starting material is required and makes ignition very easy
Six foot control unit lead gives increased flexibility in hard to reach areas

Designed for use in all standard CADWELD molds, including CADWELD® MULTI.

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Cutaway View of CADWELD Plus

CADWELD PLUS Weld Metal comes in color-coded packages
to reduce risk of misapplication.

The CADWELD exothermic system makes it possible to produce copper / copper, copper / aluminium, copper / steel, and aluminium / aluminium electrical molecular bonds with no external energy or heat source. The principle consists of bridging together a welding filler material and ignition agent in a suitable graphite mould. The "weld metal" composition depends upon the metal to be welded (copper oxide and aluminium for a copper / copper weld). The reduction of copper oxide by aluminium produces molten copper and aluminium oxide slag at temperatures exceeding 2000ºC.

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Cadweld Plus & Accessories
Place conducters in mould Close mould and clamp in place
Connect Cadweld Controller
Controller connected to ignition strip Ready to weld Cadweld hand controller Cadweld join

CADWELD moulds are now shipping with integral graphite baffles suitable for use with CADWELD PLUS.

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