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Earthing Accessories

ERITECH® Accessories

A full range of accessories is available to compliment the Earthing System components in your lightning and surge protection system. Click on the images below to view details and specs on each item/items.

Inspection Pit Solar Bonding Lug Ground Enhancement Material RC Series Rebar Clamps EK16 Clamp Fence & Gate Clamp Ground Rod Clamp Universal Downconductor Clip
Inspection Pit Solar Bonding Lug GEM Rebar Clamp Ground Clamp Fence Clamp Rod Clamp UDC Clip

Inspection Pit
The use of an inspection pit allows easy access to the earthing connection.

Solar Bonding Lug
Solar Bonding Lugs are designed to bond the frames and mounting structures of solar photovoltaic systems in accordance with NEC® requirements.

Ground Enhancing Material is a superior conductive material that improves grounding effectiveness.

Rebar Clamps
Specifically designed to bond to reinforcing bars (Rebar), the RC70 and RC100 also work with connections to steam pipes, handrails and similar metal structures.
Ground Clamps
The new EK16 and EK17 Direct-Burial Ground Clamps from ERICO are a time-saving, cost-effective versatile product that combines four clamps into one.

Fence & Gate Clamps
The new Eritech Fence and Gate Post Clamps connect to a ground conduvtor to bond all ground points together, eliminating ground loops and creating an equipotential plane.

Ground Rod Clamps
Eritech Ground Rod Clamps from ERICO provide a cost-effective method for connecting conductors to ground rods or rebar.

Universal Downconductor (UDC) Clip
The PDCUC Lightning Protection Universal Downconductor Clip from Erico is designed for use with bare and insulated solid round and tape conductors.


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