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PIT 03
PIT 03

T416C Inspection Pit

T416D Inspection Pit



ERITECH® Earth Rod Inspection Pits

The use of an inspection pit allows easy access to the earthing connection. This facilitates periodic inspection of the connection for corrosion and regular maintenance, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment from earth fault currents and the high currents injected into the earth by a lightning protection system.

An inspection pit with a locking lid provides a level of security to critical earthing connections and allows easy disconnection for periodic measurement of the earthing system resistance.

• Strong durable construction compliant with BS5834 part 2 loading requirements for pavements
• Withstands over 5 tonnes
• Large working aperture, 147 mm x 192 mm (overall dimensions 245 x 190 x 145 mm)
• Lightweight
• Lockable lid opened only with a security key

• For use in critical ground terminations where a high level of security is required
• Also ideal for installation in heavy traffic areas
• Suitable for both paving and hot tar applications

Ordering information
Part No. Description Wt/roll kg
PIT 03 Pit, Plastic Trafficable to 5,000kg 1.35
T416C Pit, High Density Polyethylene 8
T416D Pit, Polymer concrete, Trafficable to 4,500kg 22
LBLPIL032 Label, Traffolyte, "L.P. Earth" -
LBLPIL033 Label, Traffolyte, "Main Earth" -

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