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Australian Mining and Resource industries have a greater risk associated with the incidence of Lightning strike injuring their workforce, inherently due to the large scale of typical mining and processing operations which are often located in remote areas, many of which are in geographic regions of known high and above average thunderday activity.

In recent years Lightning has been responsible for a number of fatalities, serious injuries and other significant incidents in Australia, many of which have occurred on Mining operations, and specifically due to the greater risk of exposure to those personnel, who as a normal course of their employment are required to work outdoors, and often may be exposed to the elements.

As a result of some recent mining related tragedies here in Australia and overseas, there are now some new and likely upcoming changes to the way that Australian Mining companies will be required to address their Lightning Risk, where to assist in the Mining Industries understanding of these new requirements, Lightning and Surge Technologies, in conjunction with the US based National Lightning Safety Institute will host a series of Lightning Safety Seminars across Australia during August 2012.

The Lightning Safety Seminars will provide valuable information for:

Occupational Health and Safety Managers
Mine Managers
Electrical Engineers
Production and Construction activities
Remote exploration situations
Supervisors of Outdoor Working crews
Regulatory Officials

Although this information session also applies to those within Occupational Health and Safety activities within the Aviation, Heavy Industry, Government, Military, Petrochemical, Sports Administration and Transportation Environments.

N.B: Seminar information and application forms (PDF) will be available soon on this page.