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Sometimes called a True Online UPS, the Online UPS is the highest quality UPS option available.

They are also referred to as Double Conversion, as the AC needs to be rectified to DC, then Inverted back to DC therefore mains power is isolated from the load by 2 conversions , and is isolated by nature of the DC bus. The advantage is that power comes via the battery, which is constantly being charged. There is no transfer time and as such the UPS is permanently online, except when in bypass from fault clearing, maintenance,or from battery depletion.

Online UPS offer a superior level of performance for mission critical installations where the maximum level of uptime is required

Advantages include:
No break operation during load transfer
Isolation of the load from power distribution network
Wide input-voltage tolerance
Tight regulation of output voltage
Tight regulation of output frequency
Optional manual bypass
The Online UPS can also be configured to operate minus the DC Battery string as a 50/60 Hz frequency converter

Click on the images below to view details and specs on each unit.
9130 UPS - Tower 9125 UPS 9155 UPS 9170+ UPS 9305 UPS 9355 UPS
9130 9125 9155 9170+ 9305 9355

Double Conversion UPS