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Lightning & Surge Technologies can provide a variety of services to help ensure that your business operations suffer the least amount of disruption and downtime due to lightning strikes, or power surges.

Our experience indicates that with or without lightning, disturbances generated within your own facility can often be the root cause of much unscheduled downtime.
Lightning & Surge Technologies provides the following services:


To maintain the highest level of service and performance, Lightning & Surge Technologies collaborates with our friends at PhysElec Solutions Pty Ltd. We utilize their expertise in atmospheric physics, field electromagnetics and numerical computations & modelling, as applied to lightning protection problems, to offer the best analysis and solutions for any situation and location where lightning or surge damage could be an issue. Click here for more information.


There are a number of key areas that are focused on when conducting a site audit at a facility. We follow and work to a 6 point plan that allows us to methodically audit your facility. It is based on:

1. Conducting an initial risk assessment of the structural facilities, and determining any need for Direct Strike Protection.
2. Conducting an assessment of all incoming services and determining any need for Surge protection devices to be installed or upgraded
3. Conducting an assessment of local earthing conditions, including Soil resistivity analysis, and earth resistance measurement
4. Conducting an assessment of any lightning safety issues
5. Compiling a Site Audit report, including overall Risk Assessment, Determinations, and Recommendations
6. Preparing Lightning Protection & Earthing Designs, and providing remedial Cost Estimates


We can provide Lightning Protection Design service to AS1768 “Rolling Sphere”, and “Collection Volume” methodology.


We can provide Earthing Design Service and component calculations for use in Lightning Protection applications.


AS1768 recommend that Lightning Protection Earthing systems are to be checked for compliance every 12 months, and that earth resistance is no greater than 10 ohms.

We can provide a scheduled annual maintenance program, and provide regular annual reports to ensure ongoing compliance with the guidelines of AS1768 Lightning Protection standard, to ensure a safer workplace.

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