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Site Audit Methodology
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A typical site audit methodology which may be followed, is based upon a 6-point plan of protection, which when implemented in the context of any relevant site installation, generally provides the best level of protection at the most affordable cost.

This 6 Point plan covers the following points:

The consideration for Direct Strike protection to be installed to key structures using purpose designed Lightning Protection air terminals.

The conduction of any captured direct strike lightning strike energy to ground, (with particular emphasis on minimizing side flash, step, and touch hazards to personnel, and where possible, the routing of down conductors away from key cabling and equipment services).

The effective dissipation of lightning currents into the ground mass as quickly as possible, with particular emphasis on minimizing ground potential rise to trafficable and /or sensitive areas.

Identification and elimination of earth and ground loops, and any potential differentials that may exist between different earthing systems.

Protection of personnel and equipment from coupled/induced surges and transients on power-lines

Protection of personnel and equipment from coupled/induced surges and transients induced on copper communication cables, signal and data lines.

By following the guidelines of this 6 point plan, this regime will provide the user with a holistic and proper approach to dealing with lightning protection issues, and which will generally provide the greatest confidence with respect to hardening the sites critical processes against losses and potential downtime arising from lightning strikes.


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