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With the growing awareness of global warming and the need for effective energy conservation, we are increasingly looking to new sources of renewable and eco-friendly energy. One of the front-runners in this search for 'safe' power is the use of photovoltaic (PV) and/or solar thermal sources - in other words, Solar Power. Such systems by design are located outdoors, and as such are susceptible to the damaging effects of lightning strike. Surge currents and surge voltages constitute a severe threat for PV systems.
To ensure safe and reliable operation, these systems must be protected with suitable earthing and surge protection measures.

Photovoltaic (Solar) Power Earthing
Although it is not essential for the satisfactory operation of your system, the manufacturers of solar panels recommend that solar panels be earthed. Earthing with respect to photovoltaic installations serves several purposes:

1. it bleeds off static electric charge built up from wind and rain;
2. it is an integral part of lightning protection;
3. it provides fault protection, whereby any shorts or faults in circuitry will conduct enough current to ground to trip circuit breakers or fuses
and allow fault detection. It is recommended that the earth stake should have a resistance to ground of 25ohm or less. For adequate
lightning protection, between 1ohm and 5ohm resistance to ground gives fairly reliable lightning protection.
Solar Bonding Lug
EL6CS Solar Bonding Lug
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Surge Protection
Photovoltaic installations are frequently in isolated and elevated locations, combining with their large surface area to make them prime targets for lightning strike and the resulting overvoltages. Therefore, it is necessary to guard against lightning and surge damage to the system itself and any connected structures.

Eritech TDS50 Surge Diverters are designed to provide economical and reliable protection from voltage transients on solar PV (photo voltaic) systems. Their compact design fits into inverters and solar combiner boxes, and they are conveniently packaged for easy installation on a DIN rail. Separate plug and base design and hot swappable feature allows ease of module replacement.

Click here for a PDF brochure of the TDS50 Surge Diverter.

PV Bonding Information
PV Bonding Information
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TDS Surge Diverter TDS50 diagram

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