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Solar Power (cont'd)

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DSD140-2BR 24/48

Solar Power
The DIN Surge Diverter DSD140-2BR 24/48 product has been designed to provide surge protection for both 24V and 48V DC power systems, such as the floating DC supplies typically used in solar cell applications. Three modes of protection (line to line, and both lines to ground) are provided to give comprehensive surge protection to these usually floating systems.

The unit has a maximum continuous voltages Uc of 60Vdc (48Vac) from line to line, and has a 275V from each line to ground.

Status Indication
DSD modules incorporate an internal thermal disconnect element, which automatically disconnects the varistor from the network in the event of a thermal overload. A failure of the module itself, or a sustained abnormal over-voltage on the connected supply could cause this situation. Should the internal disconnect operate, a red flag appears in the transparent window of the Status Indicator(s) on the front of the DSD.

Remote Status
The DSD provides for remote status monitoring via voltage-free relay contacts. Failure of the DSD is signified by the N/C contacts (11,14) opening and the N/O contacts (11,12) closing. Ensure that the voltage and current ratings of the contacts are not exceeded (see table at right).

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