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Solar Bonding Lug
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Solar Bonding Lug
EL6CS Solar Bonding Lug




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ERITECH® brand solar bonding lugs are designed to bond the frames and mounting structures of solar photovoltaic systems in accordance with NEC® requirements. These lugs are corrosion-resistant and galvanically compatible with copper grounding conductors and aluminum photovoltaic module frames.

The solar bonding lugs are supplied with the required mounting hardware and are easy to install. The stamped lug has a lay-in feature
that allows the positioning of the grounding conductor along multiple frames prior to securing the wire. In addition, the same hex head
power driver can be used to install the lug to the frame and secure the wire into the lug.

Common hardware used for attaching the lug and securing the conductor to simplify installation
Provided with all hardware shown
Stainless steel hardware includes serrated washers for superior bond to anodized aluminum
Lay-in feature is ideal for installation underneath module frames
Accommodates 14 Sol - 6 Str AWG (1.5 -16 mm2) copper grounding conductors
UL® 467 Listed

EL6CS Solar Bonding Lug

Part Number

Conductor Range



14 Sol - 6 Str
1.5 -16 mm2

Copper Alloy



Instruction sheet for Solar Bonding Lug

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