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ERITECH System 2000 Lightning Protection System
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ERITECH System 2000
ERITECH System 2000

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Since 1760, the most popular methods of lightning protection have involved the use of air terminals (Franklin Rods), horizontal and vertical conductors (Faraday Cage), or combinations of both.

ERICO offers the ERITECH System 2000 series of air terminals, down-conductors and fittings in accordance with National and International Standards such as Australian-AS1768, British-BS6651, Singaporean-CP33, European-IEC and USA-NFPA780.

Based on conventional design principles rolling sphere, cone of protection and mesh method, as found in AS1768, BS6651, IEC, CP33 and NFPA 780
• Computer-aided design optimizes the location of air terminals providing the most effective lightning protection coverage
• Precision manufacturing ensures easy assembly and installation
• UL Master Label System for NPFA components
• Wide range of air terminals, bases, conductors, connectors and fasteners
• Air termination components and fittings are available in copper and copper and aluminum alloys
• Down-conductors are available as smooth weave or stranded construction, as well as copper, tinned copper and aluminium flat tapes

• Agricultural
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Institutional
• Residential

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The online ERITECH® Lightning Protection Calculator is now available for use!

The online calculator is designed to aid customers in selecting various ERITECH® Lightning Protection products, build a Bill of Materials, request a quotation and view individual product specifications.

To access the calculator, click here.

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