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CRITEC Universal Transient Barrier
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Critec UTB

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CRITEC UTB Universal Transient Barrier

Industrial and process environments are particularly prone to dangerous and damaging transients and surges which can be coupled and induced onto signal lines as a result of lightning and power switching.

Such surges and transients often cause erroneous equipment operation, corruption of process controllers and program data, resulting in system failure and unexpected downtime.

The CRITEC UTB uses a hybrid, three stage clamping circuit, to ensure the best possible protection to sensitive electronic equipment, while maintaining a minimum of line interference and insertion losses.

Separate plug and base design - facilitates ease of module replacement
Ease of grounding - through DIN rail or via terminal
Efficient, three-stage clamping circuit technology ensures low let-through voltage
Over-voltage and self-resetting over-current protection
Models to suit line currents up to 1.5A
Models to suit frequencies up to 3MHz
High surge rating ensures adequate protection with long service life
CE Approved, A Tick Compliant

Balanced pair signal lines and low voltage secondary power supply systems including such systems as:
                                          Programmable logic controllers (PLC's)
                                          Fire and burglar alarms
                                          Industrial monitor and control equipment
                                          Rail and transit signals
                                          Supervisory and control and data acquisition (SCADA) equipment

More Information
UTB Series

AC Ratings (Vrms)

DC Ratings (Vpk)

  Suggested Range Min Max Suggested Range Min Max
UTB5 0 - 3V 0 5 0 - 5V 0 7
UTB15 3 - 10V 3 12 5 - 15V 5 18
UTB30 10 - 21V 10 23 5 - 30V 15 33
UTB60 21 - 42V 21 45 30 - 60V 30 64
UTB110 100 - 120V 42 150 60 - 120V 60 200
UTB SA*            
Suitable for circuits with short circuit current capacity of 1.5A or less.

*UTB SA is designed for use on Telephone circuits with a nominal 48V battery, where the maximum L-L voltage is 190V and L-G maximum voltage is 420V.

Ordering Information
Part No. Description
UTB5 UTB 0-7Vpk, DIN profile, Modular, 20kA, 1.5A Load Current
UTB15 UTB 5-18Vpk, DIN profile, Modular, 20kA, 1.5A Load Current
UTB30 UTB 15-33Vpk, DIN profile, Modular, 20kA, 1.5A Load Current
UTB60 UTB 30-64Vpk, DIN profile, Modular, 20kA, 1.5A Load Current
UTB110 UTB 120Vac, DIN profile, Modular, 20kA, 1.5A Load Current
UTB SA UTB DIN profile, Modular, 20kA for telephone/modem protection

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CRITEC UTB Product specification
CRITEC UTB Guide Specifications Guide Specification
CRITEC UTB Installation Installation Notes
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