Thunderbolt Lightning Detectors

Introducing the ThunderBolt 2 Lightningman, a handheld portable Lightning Detector which has the capability to provide a forewarning to approaching severe weather conditions, and which can assist in the determinations for the suspension and resumption of safe workplace operations.

The ThunderBolt 2 Lightningman detector uses a proprietary technology to detect and determine the distance to remote lightning activity, where it detects, identifies, and tracks “Cloud to Ground” lightning activity within 100 kilometers of the users location.

Through the application of advanced electronics and proprietary software, its high sensitivity, single-channel receiver detects the electro-magnetic field emissions of lightning activity from within an active storm cell. It then converts this data into digital signals which it feeds to the microprocessor which analyzes the detected energy levels on the frequencies observed, and then calculates the distance to the active storm activity.

In addition to identifying the wave-forms characteristic, the Lightningman detector performs a continuous analysis of background electromagnetic interference (EMI) at the users location. This function is critical for minimizing false-triggering from non-storm noise sources, and maintaining the accuracy of storm data.

Upon detection, storm movements are tracked and continuously updated with approach speed and ETA at user location, and displayed on its 2 x 16 text screen. Just as important as the ETA is the “estimated time to clear”, where the detector periodically displays the estimated time until the storm clears the area to then mark the safe resumption of work activities.

The Lightningman detector has two different levels of automatic warning, (audible and visible), which may be independently programmed using the menu function. This allows for maximum flexibility in a wide variety of applications where different warning times may be required.

Modern technology has now put the ability to detect and determine the distance of a remote thunderstorm within the palm of your hand.

LCD Messages

The ThunderBolt 2 Lightningman detector displays a host of relevant warning information on its LCD display, including:

• The distance to storm activity
• Approach speed in KPH & MPH
• The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA),
• No approach detected

Users & applications

The Lightningman detector is typically recommended for any remote workgroup or activity based outdoors, such as Exploration Drilling, Blast Crews, Geologists, Survey Teams and Sports & Recreation Clubs. It is a single sensing technology with intelligence, useful for high risk workgroups.

The Lightningman detector has an LCD display and uses microprocessors to enable the programming of various parameters to accommodate specific site applications and ranging configurations.

The Lightningman detector stores previous lightning strike data and then compares this with subsequent strike data to determine whether a storm is approaching or moving away. If the storm is approaching, the detector calculates and displays the approach speed in miles/h & km/h, as well as the estimated time of arrival in minutes.

If lightning is detected and appears to be on a “non” intercepting path, it will display “No Approach Detected”, allowing work crews to continue with normal productive activities.

The standard Lightningman package includes:

  • ThunderBolt 2 Lightningman Detector
  • a 220 VAC Mains Charger,
  • hard carrying case.

Optional Accessories

The following optional accessories are also available:

• Weatherized Wall Mount
• Vehicle 12 VDC Charger


Any portable lightning detector must only be used under the strict guidance of a considered use policy and procedure  that outlines those steps that need to be taken to ensure that a predetermined safe shelter is sought, whenever thunderstorms are considered local.

Users must be mindful that no technology can predict if, when or where lightning will strike, and that the equipment is not able to detect “cloud to cloud” lightning activity which may preceed and /or accompany cloud to ground lightning activity.

If and where required, Lightningman can assist organisations with their selection and vetting of  the most appropriate threat detection technology most suited to their operations,  and can assist in the development of Lightning Management Plans, and Safe Working Procedures surrounding the use of threat detection and lightning safety.