PhysElec Solutions

PhysElec Solutions

PhysElec Solutions Pty Ltd provides independent consultancy services and carries out contract work on a global basis within the fields of electrical engineering and applied physics. Specialised services are provided in the field of lightning protection, surge and transient protection, earthing and grounding, for buildings, facilities, sites and their occupants across a complete range of industries.

PhysElec Solutions Pty Ltd provides consultancy services that cover six main categories of project work in lightning protection and allied fields, namely:

1. Research and Testing
2. Product Development
3. Project Management
4. Risk Management
5. Seminars & Presentations, Education & Training
6. Site Evaluations and Surveys

Lightning & Surge Technologies works closely with PhysElec Solutions, utilizing their expertise in fields such as atmospheric physics, field electromagnetics and numerical computations, modelling and analysis to achieve optimum lightning and surge protection solutions. PhysElec will carry out a site evaluation or survey for you in the specialised fields of lightning protection, earthing and grounding, surge and transient protection for buildings, facilities, sites and their occupants. Such surveys are necessary precursors to the installation of a comprehensive and effective lightning protection system.

PhysElec also provides independent consulting services with regard to site evaluations of lightning damage and effects, i.e., so-called “forensic engineering”. Using a rigorous, systematic approach to carry out forensic evaluations, PhysElec strives to ensure you receive a high quality service in the form of objective data collection, accurate conclusions, and cost-effective recommendations.

PhysElec Solutions applies a rigorous approach to all site evaluations and surveys, namely:

 Obtaining an accurate definition of the problem;
 Determining the level of site evaluation that will be required;
 Determining the course of action required;
 Organizing and performing the site analysis;
 Evaluating the results and providing recommendations for cost-effective solutions.

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