CS110 Electric Field Mill – IEC62793 Class I


The CS110 Electric Field Mill (EFM) is commonly used in lightning warning, and in research applications, as it is able to sense and measure gradient changes in the local electric field, during the development phase that lead to localized thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms will present measurable fluctuations in the local electric field, to which having trigger action point thresholds preset within the electric field mill, can then be used to alert to any threshold breach, that can then be used to alert higher risk operations to commence safe procedures prior to lightning strikes occurring.

Class I EFM’s are considered  more of a short range sensing technology, as they measure the vertical component of the atmospheric electric field at the earth’s surface. This differs from a Class II Sensor which are a longer range sensing technology that provides warnings based on distance threshold breaches where procedures can also be commenced  prior to thunderstorms being considered local.

The CS110 EFM can be integrated with a Strike Guard Class II Sensor, where this harmonized single threat detection platform provides both a predictive, and historical nature to lightning warning therefore provides warnings throughout all phases of the evolution of a thunderstorm.


  • Low power consumption
  • Senses changes in the electric field providing an early warning before lightning strikes
  • Easy maintenance, with the rotating stator easily removed for cleaning
  • Self diagnostic  feature


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