CC5A05CB Theft Deterrent Composite Conductor (76.2m rolls)

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nVent ERICO Cu-Bond is a bare concentric stranded conductor that consists of peripheral tinned copper plated steel which protects and conceals the internal copper stranding. This conductor is ideal for exposed electrical grounding applications where copper theft may occur due to its tinned outer strands. The conductor is difficult to cut with hand tools, but the copper core makes it easier to install than other theft deterrent conductors. The outer stranding is magnetic, which further deters thieves looking for copper. The CC5A05CB (19 strand) is electrically equivalent to a 4 AWG (25 mm²), the CC5A20CB is electrically equivalent to a 2/0 AWG (70 mm²) and the CC5A40CB is electrically equivalent to a 4/0 AWG (120 mm²). These conductors are ideal for transmission tower, distribution pole and a wide range of above and below grade grounding applications.


  • Outer strands comprised of tinned copper-bonded steel for theft deterrence and improved corrosion resistance
  • Inner copper stranding is tinned for superior corrosion resistance
  • Copper stranding inside of conductor increases conductivity and conductor flexibility
  • Available in three sizes/configurations with electrical equivalency to 4, 2/0 and 4/0 AWG copper
  • Suitable for direct burial applications
  • More flexible and easier to work with than copper clad steel conductors


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