LIGHTNINGMAN™ LightningMast Safe Productivity Trailers


The Lightningman ™ LightningMast safe productivity trailers are a highly mobile and portable trailer mounted area lightning protection solution, that when deployed strategically across high-value high yield production areas, establish a protected working area/corridor, allowing high yield/high-value HME production operations to continue safely during periods of lightning red alert

LightningMast safe productivity trailers are a self powered and self contained portable lightning protection solution, which can be deployed by a single operator in less than six (6)minutes.

When deployed, the LightningMast extends to an overall height of 22 mtrs, allowing AS 1768 protection level 4  (85%) compliance when spaced every 80 mtrs along the corridor

Stationing LightningMasts every 150 m along the working corridor, would regularly have HME passing in and out of protected areas, which given the annual ground flash density, typical of 3 to 4 cloud to ground strikes per square kilometre, such a reduction in probability may still present as being an acceptable level of risk.

A solar/pneumatic control system is supported by on-board solar panels, a DC charger/controller, and a string of deep cycle batteries, and provide a self-contained and standalone power supply to a high performance twin motor air compressor that extends the mast to its full extension.

Field deployment is very simple and involves,

  1. Placing LightningMasts at the desired location
  2. Levelling the trailer across its four (4) outriggers
  3. Engaging the winder operated grounding leg
  4. Connect guy wires to outriggers
  5. Switch battery isolated to on
  6. Operate compressor switch to on
  7. Orientate air control actuator to raise

When all locking mast sections are locked in place

  • Turn compressor switch off
  • Turn air control actuator to off

LightningMasts stow down to 6.1 mtrs in height, and extend to 22 mtrs maximum height when deployed. (Various other mast heights are also available)

Typical applications

  • ROM stockpiles
  • Tip points
  • Heap leach
  • Temporary go lines
  • Maintenance workshops
  • Field maintenance
  • Breakdowns
  • remote camps
  • In pit shot misfires

LightningMasts trailers are typically configured for off-road use, although can be registered for use on public roads, requiring the addition of electrics, lights, and breaks, were additional costs would apply


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