Electrical discharge events such as lightning strikes and electrical power system faults present serious electrocution hazards to any person in close proximity to the “Earth Potential Rise” (EPR) that accompanies such high potential events. It is widely estimated that 85% of all Lightning related injury and fatality statistics are attributed to this EPR condition, whilst outdoor workers represent one of the highest percentages within the lightning injury statistics.

The significance of this EPR risk is such that all Electricity Regulators worldwide have mandated the use of EPR Controls in all High Voltage facilities, however such controls are large and cumbersome, and typically comprise of large and permanently installed buried earth mats, which are costly and are not suitable for temporary, or portable application in other higher risk EPR environments.

Introducing the Lightningman™ LightningMat EPR Safety Mat

The LightningMat EPR Safety Mat offers unique and innovative new approach to EPR Risk Mitigation and works by redistributing the surface voltage profile associated with EPR and thereby reducing dangerous potential gradients across the mat structure. Any persons situated upon the LightningMat EPR Safety Mat during an EPR event, should be equipotential with the mat, such that they will not be exposed to significantly differing voltage gradients that result.

The LightningMat EPR Safety Mat will therefore prove invaluable to those groups working remotely and exposed to the elements, and who may have a limited access to appropriate safe shelter. Additionally, those working with/ or in close proximity to long conductive elements, such as Rail Lines, Pipelines, and Power/Signal lines, will also benefit from the protection offered by the LightningMat.

Whilst the LightningMat EPR Safety Mat can be used without an electrical bond to nearby touchable objects (since it redistributes the surface voltage profile), enhanced performance and voltage reduction is achieved, wherever an electrical bond is used.

The flexibility and light weight of the LightningMat EPR Safety Mat offers simple field application, and an ease in portability.



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