SG001 Strike Guard Professional Grade Lightning Warning System


Strike Guard is a professional grade lightning warning system that meets the requirements of IEC 62793 as a Class II technology.

Designed for critical mining, industrial, and sporting applications, Strike Guard monitors ‘cloud to cloud’ and ‘cloud to ground’ lightning activity within a user set radius, and provides contact closure signaling at user set lightning activity thresholds.

Painted optical signal processing and proprietary optical coincidence technology ensures double positive coincidence between two (2) independent sensing technologies to prevent false alarms.

The Strike Guard External SGS Sensor interconnects with the internal SGR Lightning Data Receiver via lightning proof fibre optic cable , that provides system status, caution and alarm indication, main and auxiliary relay functionality for remote switching, and a PC compatible output.

Strike Guard delivers

  • Fully automatic alarm triggering with user set range categories
  • 32 km detection radius
  • Zero% false alarm rate
  • SGS sensor and communication self-test capability
  • SGS sensor is battery-powered for ease of installation
  • Durable fibre optic communication with connectedness technology
  • Lightning proof data communication
  • SGR lightning data receiver includes internal battery backup
  • Optional strike view windows based display software
  • Strike guard simulation software for training and testing

The proven patented technology within Strike Guard provide significant improvement of the first generation lightning sensors. Strike Guard enables automated initiation of lightning evacuation plans, data backup, generator activation, and equipment shutdown procedures with utmost confidence.

The Strike Guard lightning warning system can integrate and harmonize a CS110 class I predictive lightning sensor within the single platform for predictive warnings to the developing conditions leading up to the onset of active lightning activity.

Additionally the Strike Guard lightning warning system can seamlessly integrate with the proprietary WAVE Siren transmitter,  which controls the efficient operation of any number of WAVE Siren Strobe stations that can be placed within 5 km of the transmitter around the area by site operations, providing audible and visual threat notification options via a Wi-Fi means, ensuring 100% autonomous management of lightning threat notifications, and ensuring the highest efficiency in both site safety and operational productivity.

The optional WXEIB bulkhead enclosure provides a dust proof enclosure for harsh conditions , and can be further optioned to include an industrial grade touch screen PC for a completely integrated standalone operation, and can also include a solar/battery powered option, where mains power main not be readily available.

An optional WAVE sequencer and Critical Asset Protection Bulkhead, can also be seamlessly integrated such that remote isolation of critical infrastructure, can be electrically isolated with all critical cables grounded , or where backup Gensets can automatically signaled to be brought online at the onset of localized thunderstorm conditions.


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