The Skyscan P5 handheld lightning detector is an entry level detector that operates as an instantaneous response detection to Cloud to Ground ( C-G) Lightning discharges.

The Skyscan P5-3 is an affordable handheld lightning detection device, which provides the user a factual dataset of C-G  lightning distance information with which to gauge their own situational safety, as well as that of others during those times where higher risk conditions exist.

The equipment is able to detect C-G lightning strikes as far away as 60 kilometers, and will alert users by both an audible tone, and through a visual alert by way of four LED’s.

A range selector allows the user to choose at which range detected lightning strikes will sound the audible warning tone, which prompts the user to seek safe shelter, until the risk has passed.

Skyscan is powered by two (2) 9 volt batteries. or six (6) 1.5V AA batteries, or by ( optional)  240VAC ,and/or 12 volt power adaptors.

A Low Battery light automatically alerts users when the unit has approximately five hours of operational life remaining in the batteries. After five hours an  Automatic Shutoff cuts in for extended battery life. Additionally a battery save function extends battery life, by deactivating all LED’s, except the Battery Save LED , but will still provide the audible warning of local lightning strikes.

•  Visual and audible alerts
•  40-50 hours normal battery life (75+ in battery saving mode)
•  Can be operated on 9V or AA batteries
•  Auto 5 hour shut off feature (Battery saving)


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