MGA Tester Mov and Gas Arrestor Tester


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nVent ERICO testers are designed for rapid testing of the integrity of surge protection device components. Because standard metal oxide varistors, gas arresters, and avalanche diodes do not provide the user with a visual indication of the integrity of the protection capacity, an external means of testing is required. It is impossible to predict when these failures will occur without some form of testing. As MOVs approach the end of their life cycle, they exhibit a change in tolerance levels. nVent ERICO testing products are specifically designed to identify these situations and allow the operator to effect remedial replacement to the devices which are nearing the end of their life cycle. They can test both components, as well as replacement modules such as the TDS or DSD.


  • Designed for rapid testing of the integrity of both metal oxide varistors and gas discharge tubes
  • Test leads supplied with probes and removable crocodile clips
  • Three digit LCD display


Test Current 1 mA
GDT Voltage Ramp 1,000 V/s
Depth (D) 195 mm
Height (H) 43 mm
Width (W) 99 mm
Unit Weight 0.68 kg
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285644020
EAN-13 8711893153033


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