Skyscan EWS Pro

Skyscan EWS Pro is an industrial grade version of the basic P5/P6 unit.

It is also an Instant Ranging Device (IRD), meaning that every detected strike is ranged immediately via the four (4) distance LED’s, from the very first strike detected.

The detector is provided within a weatherproof Pelican-type instrument case which has been modified to provide larger colour coded distance LED’s which can be visible from a greater distance.

It is weatherproofed for industrial applications and has a 95db audible alert, allowing it to be heard over high background noise levels.

It is supplied with an internal Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable battery.

*Recommended for use in heavy industrial and mining applications.

A recommended handheld detector.

Important note:

All lightning detection devices should be used in conjunction with a “Use Policy” to ensure that the information provided by an alert is acted on in a controlled manner.