Skyscan P5 Lightning Detector

Lightning is well known to kill more people than any other natural weather event, yet its risk is often considered as being so remote that many organizations simply overlook the real dangers to which their staff and emplyees may be subjected to during the course of their normal duties.

Australian statistics show that lightning kills and injures more people annually than those killed or injured by shark attack, yet the shark attack risk prompts aerial patrols, beach netting, lifesavers, and often live media broadcasts to warn against that risk.

Australian Standard AS 1768-2003 states that around six to ten persons die in Australia annually. It is also reported that around eighty instances of lightning injury per annum are attributed to the use of fixed line telephones, however with the current and increasing trend towards using permanently fixed modern telephone headsets, such statistics are expected to compound an increase in these types of telephone related lightning injuries.

The good news is that there is modern technology available to minimize the lightning risk, whilst there are also simple lightning safety instructions that should also be understood, especially during periods of localized thunderstorms.

Skyscan Lightning Detector

Skyscan is an affordable hand-held lightning detection device which provides the user a factual dataset of information with which to gauge their own individual safety, as well as that of others during those times where higher risk conditions exist.

It is able to detect lightning as far as 60 kilometres away, by both an audible tone and through a visual alert by way of four LED’s. A range selector allows the user to choose at which range detected lightning strikes will sound the audible warning tone, which prompts the user to seek safe shelter until the risk has passed.

Skyscan is powered by two 9V batteries, or by (optional) 240VAC and/or 12 volt power adaptors. A low battery warning lights when the unit has approximately five hours of operational life remaining in the batteries. After5 five hours an Automatic Shutoff cuts in for extended battery life. Additionally a battery save function extends battery life by deactivating all LED’s except the battery saved LED butu will still provide the audible warning of local lightning strikes while e3xtending normal battery life from 40-50 hours to as much as 75+ hours.

Physical Dimensions: 165mm High x 78mm Wide x 38mm Deep

Weight: 306 grams (without batteries)

Important note:

All lightning detection devices sshould be used in conjunction with a “Use Policy” to ensure that the information provided by an alert is acted on in a controlled manner.