VAISALA TSS 928 Professional Grade Lightning Warning System

The Model 928 Thunderstorm Sensor provides an effective and reliable, single-point omni-directional thunderstorm detection for use with modern automated data acquisition and processing systems.

The Sensor can be connected to any of a variety of input/output (I/O), data processing, and display devices. Various mounting, power, and communication options are available for the Sensor.

Mounting options:

  • In-ground pad mounting
  • Frame mounting (on-ground or roof-top)
  • Tripod mounting (with optional tray for non penetrating roof mounting)
  • User-supplied pole or other rigid support

Power options:

  • AC options (AC Sensor power, AC heater power)
  • 230 VAC, 47-65 Hz
  • DC/AC option (DC Sensor power, AC heater power)
  • DC option (DC Sensor power, no heater power)

Junction box options:

  • TSS 928 junction box kits
  • User-supplied junction boxes

Communication options:

  • RS-422
  • RS-232

The Vaisala TSS 928™ sensor provides critical local lightning information, both for meteorological applications as well as Lightning Safety threat data, so as to facilitate advance warnings, initiate safety procedures, and if required, isolate equipment with full confidence.

Data from the Sensor is then sent to a standalone PC, and interpreted by the proprietary ALARM Software (Automated Lightning Alert and Risk Management) where the data is plotted on a map overlay of the site and surrounding areas, where any lightning that is detected is dissected into various map octants, where various actions can be automated via Serial interface to optional relay logic.

The Software allows custom settings to be programmed such as e- field thresholds, alarms for various areas (based on lightning activity in various sectors being detected, etc.)

Whilst not required for normal operation, up to 7 external field mills can be connected into the system.

The patented lightning algorithms of the Vaisala TSS 928™ provide precise ranging of the Lightning threat, whilst the optical coincident eliminates the reporting of non-lightning events.

Local Area Activity Map

ALARM System – short distance DC power

ALARM System – long distance DC power

ALARM System – long distance mains power

Vaisala TSS 928™ detects:

  • Optical, magnetic, and electrostatic pulses from lightning events with zero false alarms
  • Cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning within 56 km
  • Cloud-to-ground lightning classified into three range intervals: 0-9, 9-19, and 19-56 km
  • Cloud-to-ground lightning classified into directions: N, NE,E, SE, S, SW, W, and NW

Features and Benefits:

  • Meets ASOS requirements for lightning range and bearing
  • Detects and reports range and bearing of cloud-to-ground lightning
  • Detects and counts cloud lightning
  • AC, DC, and DC/AC power options
  • Data format supports direct interface with common communication systems
  • Self-diagnostics features for checking sensor function status
  • Sustained performance in extreme weather conditions
  • Modular design allows easier field service and on-site maintenance

Detection Range

56 Nautical kilometres from sensor location

Range Resolution

0-5 nautical kilometres, 5-10 nautical kilometres and 10-30 nautical kilometres (range can be set in nautical miles or kilometers).

Bearing Resolution

1° increments, 0° to 360°, reported by octant

Thunderstorm Detection Efficiency

90% within 10 nautical kilometres with one discharge; 99% with two discharges; 99.9% with three discharges

Electrical Specifications

AC Power 115VAC±10% to 230VAC±10%
DC/AC Power 11-32VDC, 115VAC±10%
DC Power 11-32VDC
Power Consumption 100 watts maximum
Standards/Approvals: UL, CSA, CE


Metallic or fiber optic links
Serial ASCII format
RS-232 and RS-422 serial at 9600 bps
Output via automatic one-minute preset weather messages, instantaneous broadcast of data as event occurs or sensor can store and be polled by user.

Mounting Configuration

Mast or tripod options for ground or non-penetrating roof mounting. Height 3.0 m max height recommended

Environmental Conditions

Operating/Storage Temperature Range -50°C to +50°C (with heater)
Maximum Wind Load 0–120 knots, 222 km/h
Humidity Tolerance 0% to 100%