We don’t know where or when lightning will strike..

But we can help you prepare your business to deal with it!

Lightning Protection   –   Surge Protection   –   Grounding   –   Cadweld   –   Lightning Warning Systems

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Specialists in Lightning Safety and Lightning Risk Mitigation

Lightning fatalities

Lightning is responsible for between 6 to 10 fatalities and over 100 injuries to Australians annually. 

Lightning & Surge Tech

We are a specialist organisation which strives to provide innovative and engineered solutions.

Distributor for ERICO

We are world leaders in Lightning and Surge Protection. We are a distributor for the CRITEC range.

Our Services

Lightning and Surge Technologies

We are technical specialists in the supply and application of Surge Protection, Lightning Protection, Grounding and Lightning Threat Detection, and Threat Notification Systems.


Site Audits

We are highly  experienced in undertaking Lightning Risk Assessments and Site Audits, having undertaken 100+ site-based lightning related audits across Australia, Africa, South America, and SE Asia.

Subject Matter Expert

We are regularly appointed Subject Matter Expert to many high-risk industry sectors, and have been invited to participate in various clients studies,  and  regularly provide expert witness testimony to lightning injury claims.


Lightning Protection Design

We can provide Lightning Protection Design service to AS1768 “Rolling Sphere”, and “Collection Volume” design methodology.


Lightning Protection Earthing Design

We can provide Earthing Design service and  calculations for use in Lightning Protection applications. 

Lightning Management Plans

We are very experienced in assisting clients development of Trigger Action Response Procedures (TARP), Safe Working Procedures, and Workgroup Risk Assessments.


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