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 Specialists in Lightning Safety and Lightning Risk Mitigation

Lightningman Pty Ltd trading as Lightning & Surge Technologies, is a specialist organization which strives to provide innovative and engineered solutions which:

  • minimize the risks posed by lightning
  • improves operational safety
  • improves operational productivity
  • reduces operational disruptions
  • reduces damage to mission critical  systems

For over 20 years, we have advocated that lightning protection should not just be about the protection of structures and equipment.

The protection and education of people is the single most fundamentally important requirement for dealing with the risks posed by lightning,  and that people should always be the primary consideration.

This is especially relevent given there is so much myth and falsehood surrounding lightning, which is such a niche and technical subject matter, that lightning is still a much misunderstood aspect of workplace, and public safety.

As well known advocates for Lightning Safety and Lightning Risk Mitigation, Lightningman has assisted hundreds of higher risk organisations across Australia, and internationally, deal with the consequences of lightning, and /or preparedeness for lightning, and we actively lobby those with influence, to help raise a greater awareness towards lightning safety  and lightning protection issues.


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