D/SMKIVSS Dynasphere Air terminal


The economic and safety implications of lightning can be devastating. In general, the highest point of a facility is the most vulnerable to a direct lightning strike. Lightning rods or air terminals are needed to capture the strike to a preferred point and to safely conduct the energy to ground to minimize the risk.

The nVent ERICO Dynasphere air terminal provides a preferred point for lightning discharges which would otherwise strike and damage an unprotected structure and/or its contents. The primary function of an air terminal, or air termination system, is to capture the lightning strike to a preferred point, so that the discharge current can be directed via the downconductor(s) to the grounding system.


  • Dynamic response to the approach of a lightning downleader
  • Non-radioactive technology
  • No external power required
  • Three replaceable terminals for specific elevation requirements


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