Designed for the most critical safety and productivity management applications, Strike Guard is a purpose designed lightning threat detection system which continuously monitors cloud to cloud (C-C) and cloud to ground (C-G) lightning activity, and provides contact closure signaling at user set lightning activity thresholds, for autonomous threat notifications .

Patented optical signal processing and proprietary optical threat validation ensures that any notified Lightning Alert must have passed through a double positive coincidence between two (2)  independent lightning sensors, before any threat is notified, therefore ensuring 100% zero (0) false alarm rate.

Strike Guard enables 100% automated activation of various proprietary and third-party threat notification systems for:

      • ensuring whole of site human safety,
      • controlling the initiation of data  backup and system shutdown.
      • controlling generator start-up prior to localized conditions,
      • sequenced electrical isolation of critical electrical systems, for the duration of an electrical storm.

Strike Guard is a Class II lightning threat detection system which detects historical Cloud to Cloud (C-C) flashes, and Cloud to Ground (C-G) lightning strikes, and ranges these events across 3 distance based thresholds;

Caution            Lightning Detected within 32 Kms          Referred to as Yellow Alert

Warning          Lightning Detected within 16 Kms           Referred to  as Amber Alert

Alarm                Lightning Detected within 8 Kms             Referred to as Red Alert

Strike Guard includes two (2) presetable relays contact closures that can be configured to interface a proprietary WAVE Siren Transmitter (for  autonomous control/operation of WAVE Siren Strobe Stations,  which via a wireless means can be stationed across different areas of workplace operations, and can provide audible and visual threat notifications to within a 5 km range.

The Strike Guard Lightning Data Receivers main and Auxilliary Relays can be configured to provide a sequenced operation of proprietary WAVE, or 3rd party threat notification options at:

Caution             Lightning detected within 32 km.

Warning           Lightning detected within 16 km.


Caution             Lightning detected within 32 km.

Alarm                 Lightning detected within 8 km.

Alternatively, for those sites that require  three (3) stage warnings, this is also possible, although does require an additional purchase of an addditional Lightning Data Receiver, that is then wired in series with the existing Strike Guard Lightning Data Receiver, which can then be configured for sequenced operation of proprietary WAVE, or  other 3rd party threat notification options at:

Caution             Lightning detected within 32 km.

Warning           Lightning detected within 16 km.

Alarm                 Lightning detected within 8 km.

Strike Guard offers:

      • Automatic alarm triggering with user set range categories.
      • No false alarms, patented technology.
      • Sensor and communication self-test.
      • Battery-powered with five (5) year minimum battery lifespan, allowing for easy installation and electrical isolation.
      • Nema 4X sensor enclosure.
      • Fibre optic communication from the sensor allows for a completely isolated integration; no electrical conductors enter the command and control  buildings.

Class 1 Electric Field Mill   (EFM) for Predictive Warnings

The Strike Guard Lightning Warning System and CS110 Electric Field Mill combine to present the optimum level of lightning threat management measurement, where data from the two (2) sensors (Class  I Pedictive and Class II Historical) can be used to automatically trigger the proprietary WAVE Siren transmitter  to activate  all  WAVE Siren Strobe Stations/3rd party  equipment located within a 5 km radius, so as to immediately notify exposed personnel to make informed safety and evacuation decisions.

During the development and evolution of localsed thunderstorms, fluctuations and changes within the local electric field (E Field) occurs naturally where  a Class I Lightnimng Sensor can be used to sense, measure, and then determine the likelihood that impending lightning activity may occur.

The CS110 EFM can measure these fluctuations and changes within the local electric field (E Field) and can compare the readings against a benchmark E Field threshold, that can be actioned by Strike Guard in any event of a threshold breach.

Strike Guard is a class II historically reporting lightning threat detection system, although it has been designed so as to integrate and harmonize threat notifications from an optional  Class I Electric Field Mill, which now adds a predictive aspect to threat notifications, in conjunction with its historical ranging of  lightning strikes,  where the two (2) sensors combine to form a complete thunderstorm measurement and analysis system.

This system combines the advantages of two complementary lightning-warning technologies.  Where Strike Guard reports actual lightning strikes occurring at distances up to 32 km—providing a comfortable warning time for preparations associated with incoming storms., whilst CS110 reports electric fields associated with local thunderstorm development—providing its warning prior to lightning strikes.

Wireless Audible Visual Enunciator (WAVE)

The WAVE Siren product line introduces industrial-strength equipment to the field of audio and visual alerts for reliable, highly-effective and fully-automated wireless communication during emergency situations and adverse weather.

The WAVE Transmitter broadcasts digitally encrypted messages to activate WAVE Siren Stations within a two mile radius. The Transmitter offers automated triggering of Siren Stations during programmable hours of operation, or manual triggering of Siren Stations at any time.

WAVE relies on low-frequency RF communication to operate in noisy environments and over challenging terrain.

Wave Siren Delivers:

  • Automatic or manual wireless siren actuation within a five km radius
  • Secure encoded RF communications; automatic self-tests with system status indicators
  • Adjustable horn volume
  • Multi-stage strobe and audible notification
  • High intensity strobe light or tri-color light stack options for visual notification
  • Siren Station NEMA 4X molded fiberglass enclosure
  • RF transmission test signal for Siren Station site selection
  • Manual key operation or automated operation with contact-closure signal
  • Programmable hours of operation to restrict automated external control
  • Solar- or AC-powered Siren Station available
  • High capacity, battery back-up for uninterrupted operation in a lightning environment
  • Exclusive quick-connect technology for horns and solar panel


Strike View Server Software

Strike View Server Software ( SG002) provides a graphical display of real-time lightning data, and helps users analyse storm progression,  categorise lightning information, and estimate the time for resumption of normal operations

Additionally Strike View Server Software provides tghe setup and management of  customised email and text message notifications, whilst providing human dispatch operators with the audible and visual cues, resettable timer ( from last lightning strike)  for the timely communication of threat alert updates with regards to the notification of All Clear for the resumption of normal operations .

Production Management will also find the report logging function useful for their logging of unplanned downtime, management of contractor downtime, and provision of information for use within their reporting function.

Strike View offers a whole suite of software options including:

  • Client licenses for connecting additional computer to the strike view server over LAN
  • Client Site Licence allowing up to 10 Strike View Client operating across the LAN (requires purchase of SG002 and SG 002 NET)
  • MSN multiple sensor network links multiple Strike Guard Server across the LAN requires purchase of SG002e to site for each Strike Guard in the network


**Strike Guard with CS110 software.

All Strike View software packages are offered for Strike Guard integration with a CS110 Electric Field Mill



Indoor Bulkheads

The WX range of equipment bulkheads a vital for protecting Strike Guard equipment from the harsh conditions of some higher-risk applications,especially involving mining and other industry sectors that may be exposed to dust, salt spray, and other contaminants.

The WX range of bulkheads a fit for purpose and will streamline equipment installations by having the bulkheads  custom designed to accommodate all system into connections, and which suit the ease of mounting of the proprietary Strike Guard data lightning receiver, and Wave Transmitter equipment and their various interconnections to external components.

The WXEIB equipment indoor bulkhead includes a Nema 4X rated polycarbonate enclosure, fitted with power supply and complete lightning protection for all incoming conductors to suit the Strike Guard Lightning Data Receiver and Wave Transmitter.

The WXESB equipment solar bulkhead includes a Nema 4X rated polycarbonate enclosure fitted with power supply and complete lightning protection for all incoming conductors, along with battery, and battery backup/ recharge module o suit the Strike Guard Lightning Data Receiver and Wave Transmitter.

The WXEIB – SG is a scaled-down version that accommodates the lightning data receiver only, although includes power supply Surge diverters and the glands and referrals to accommodate all incoming fibre optic/ outgoing power supply and fibre optic data connection.




Indoor Bulkheads with PC

The WX range of equipment PC fitted bulkheads streamline the Strike Guard  installation for a true plug and play capability, by placing all major system components within the enclosure, including an industrial touchscreen PC , thereby compartmentalising the entire  Strike Guard  ‘System”  and protecting it  from the harsh conditions  , common in  mining and other industry sectors that may be exposed to fine dust, salt spray, and other contaminants affecting critical systems and their semicondutor electronics.

The WXEIB -PC equipment indoor bulkhead is a Nema 4X rated polycarbonate enclosure,  with a door mounted  industrial touchscreen PC that is  preassembled with the latest Microsoft Windows, and Strike View Server software installed for turnkey use.

The bulkhead is fitted with a mini UPS , battery backup, hardwired  power supply and  surge protection for all incoming power, data and coaxial, conductors associated with the Strike Guard Lightning Data Receiver and Wave Transmitter.

The WX –PC- SG is a scaled-down version that accommodates only the lightning data receiver only, although includes power supply Surge Diverters and the glands and ferrules to accommodate all incoming fibre optics  and  power supply cabling.



Critical Asset Protection Bulkheads

CAPB’s offer the ultimate protection of electrical equipment from lightning, through the disconnection of equipment from the interconnected conductive electrical systems.

CAPB’s implement an automated active lightning protection ‘by isolation’ of industrial control systems and central pump stations, by combining best engineering practice of passive lightning protection, with Strike Guards fully automatic active lightning protection bulkheads.

CAPB capabilities include:

  • Selective isolation     – Disconnects selected conductors from the critical asset.
  • Selective grounding  – Grounds disconnected conductors.
  • Selective shutdown   – Disconnects power conductors via independent circuits ( with programmable delays), to provide the                                                          ultimate defence against over voltages electrical overstress and lightning surge currents.

 he Wave Sequencer, typically installed within a Critical Asset Protection Bulkhead then (CAPB), automatically initiates a programmable shutdown process to place critical equipment in a protected state upon any lightning alarm.

The protected asset is then automatically reconnected and powered back up upon the issuance of the all clear by Strike Guard.



WAVE Sequencer based remote wireless, or local Strike Guard direct(wired)  connect for contact closure relay signalling to initiate automatic lightning alarm/shutdown start-up of irrigation pump stations.

Add Strobe-CAPB full visual indication of sequence of condition



Automatic lightning protected ‘by isolation’ and all grounding of field conductors connected to the central irrigation controller computer and related hardware

features a wave sequencer included with fully assembled and tested relay isolation bank, AC power secondary Surge suppressor, RF Surge suppressor, and AC overcurrent protection appropriate for satellite or Dakota systems

design a completely preassembled as a lightning protection bulkhead with metal enclosed switchgear

Includes a 3 foot antenna, radio receiver, battery backup, a seed power supply and 7.5 mtr antenna cable, with stainless steel antenna mounting

WAVE Sequencer

The WAVE Sequencer receives radio frequency transmitter messages from the WAVE Transmitter,  and  can control three (3) outputs to control relays/contactors appropriate for the isolation of sensitive connected loads, such as Pumps, irrigation systems, and other critical equipment.

WAVE Sequencers can be installed on their own, or within a critical asset protection bulkhead (CAPB) which are pre-assembled as lightning protection bulkheads, with metal enclosed switchgear.

Strike Guard for Mining Operations

Strike Guard for Golf Courses