ERITECH System 2000 Lightning Protection System

Since 2002 Lightningnman has been distributing the Eritech System 2000 series of conventional air terminals, down-conductors, and fittings, that can be applied to structures in accordance with all National and International Standards including ;

  • Australian-AS1768,
  • Singaporean-CP33,
  • IEC®/EN 62305-3 and
  • USA-NFPA® 780.

Lightning Protection Systems (LPS)  are NOT a one size fits all, and all  LPS need to be specifically designed to suit and  accommodate each and every application.

In undertaking any LPS design, the following information is required:

      • the type of structure being protected
      • the use application of the structure being protected
      • the size and height of the structure being protected
      • the construction materials physical properties
      • is the structure considered hazardous area
      • is the structure an explosive stoarage area
      • the sensitive equipment housed within
      • the sensitibity of the materials stored.

The ERITECH System 2000 include:

• A wide range of air terminals, mounting bases, conductors, connectors, and fasteners
• System components that are available in copper, tinned copper, and aluminum
• Downconductors of stranded or flat tape construction

nVent ERICO  offer a computer-aided design which optimizes the placement location of air terminals providing the most effective lightning-protection coverage.

Designs are based on conventional design principles using the rolling sphere, cone of protection, and mesh method as found in AS1768, IEC®/EN 62305-3, CP33 and NFPA® 780.

Precision manufacturing helps ensure ease of  assembly and installation during design, installation, and commissioning,

Lightningman can provide on-site and telephone assistance to architects,  consultants, designers, and contractors , so as to help ensurethat the recommended protection measures are implemented throughout the project to best practice standards.

If you have any questions or need more information contact Lightningman .

Please Note

The role of the lightning protection system is to protect structures from physical damage attributed to lightning strike, through the placement and positioning of strategically placed air terminals and conductors across a structure, so as to intercept direct lightning strikes at preferred points, and then safely carry associated current around the structure, into a low impedance earth termination where the current can be dissipated safely into the ground mass.

Organisations should not confuse the installation of direct strike lightning protection systems with any role in the protection of  sensitive electrical and electronic systems situated within the protected structure.  Such sensitive electrical and electronic systems within a lightning protected structure , must still be protected by the installation of appropriately rated Surge Protection Devices (SPD’s) on all incoming and outgoing conductors .

Flat Tape System

        • Air Terminals
        • Rod Bases and Brackets
        • Downconductors
        • Downconductor Fasteners – Clips
        • Downconductor Fasteners – Clamps
        • Grounding Accessories

 Available in Copper, Tinned Copper and Aluminium

Smoothweave /Stranded Cabling System 

        • Air Terminals
        • Air Terminal Bases
        • Conductors- Downconductors
        • Conductor Fasteners – Adhesives
        • Conductor Clamps & Fittings
        • Grounding Accessories
       Available in Copper, Tinned Copper and Aluminium

ERITECH System 2000 Lightning Protection System