AC Power – Surge Reduction Filters


PLF’s (Power Line Filters) feature high performance three stage protection with thermal disconnect and have been designed to provide realiable protection under the harshest of environments.


Dinrail Surge Filters offers an economical means by which secondary protection can be installed at sensitive equipment such as PLC controllers, SCADA systems and motor controllers.


Transient Surge Filters combines ERICO’s Transient Discriminating (TD) technology, with a low pass filter for transient events, and to attenuate small signal RFI/EMI noise problems. Ideal for PLC controllers, SCADA systems, MCCs, and other critical applications.


Surge Reduction Filters combine high-energy surge diversion with surge filtering, making these ideal for primary service protection. Their efficient low pass filtering stage also dramatically reduces the rate-of-voltage rise and the let-through.