Strike Alert Lightning Detectors

Introducing the new StrikeAlert  HD handheld Lightning Detector is a well featured budget detector with a sleek water-resistant case, and easy to read display, and is capable of providing forewarning of the approach of severe weather conditions, which can aid in determination of high risk conditions.

StrikeAlert HD is an “Instant Ranging Device” (IRD) meaning that every detected “Cloud to Ground” lightning strike within 60kms is ranged immediately via the four distance LED’s, from the very first strike detected, whilst it also includes a full colour graphical display that shows strike distance,and a storm intensity trend graph for the past hour of operation.

Threat alerts are also provided via its built in audible speaker, and a unique vibrate function, which allows additional threat recognition for users.

This unit is 100% battery operation, is not rechargeable,  and requires 2 alkaline AA batterys which can achieve up to 80 hours of continuous operation.

The StrikeAlert HD is recommended more for camping, sports and recreational use.



• Easy to read, colour LCD display
• Displays storm activity trend for past 1 hour
• Visual, audable and vibrate alerts
• Water and impact resistant case
• Operated on 2 x AA batterys
• Auto 2 hour shut off feature (Battery saving)
• Includes convenient carabiner with wrist strap



Any portable lightning detector must only be used under the strict guidance of a considered use policy and procedure  that outlines those steps that need to be taken to ensure that a predetermined safe shelter is sought, whenever thunderstorms are considered local.

Users must be mindful that no technology can predict if, when or where lightning will strike, and that the equipment is not able to detect “cloud to cloud” lightning activity which may preceed and /or accompany cloud to ground lightning activity.

If and where required, Lightningman can assist organisations with their selection and vetting of  the most appropriate threat detection technology most suited to their operations,  and can assist in the development of Lightning Management Plans, and Safe Working Procedures surrounding the use of threat detection and lightning safety.