Lightning Protection

The team at Lightning and Surge Technologies are the Lightning Protection experts. See below our products which you can purchase directly online or call us today.
We look forward to helping you with all your lightning protection requirements.

System 1000

System 1000 is offered to complete the nVent range so compliance with standards that call for ESE systems can be achieved.

System 2000

System 2000 is ideal when a conventional system is required by the design specification to comply with a specific standard (e.g. NFPA, IEC, AS) that prescribes this design method.

System 3000

System 3000 is our premium, proprietary system for applications where other systems cannot be installed due to the type of structure, where a high level of performance certainty is needed and where there is the need for an insulated conductor.


The ISODC System is designed for applications where air separation isolation is required but not possible. It offers the same isolation as 1000 mm of air gap and can be mounted directly on the mast or structure to be protected – without electrification!


The nVent ERICO SES40P Series of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) provide economical protection against damaging transients and surge events.


nVent ERICO’s line of Compact and Modular Transient Discriminating Panel Protectors are designed for critical protection applications. Compliance to CE, UL 1449 Ed. 4.