Skyscan Lightning Detectors

The Skyscan range of portable Lightning detectors  are considered as Class 4 detection devices, (cannot detect cloud to cloud (C-C) lightning flashes)  and offer instantaneous ranging to historical cloud to ground (C-G) lightning strikes.

SKYSCAN P5-3  Handheld Lightning Detector

Introducing the Skyscan P5-3 handheld Lightning Detector, an ‘instantaneous  response detector’ (IRD)  that provides immediate ranging classification of cloud to ground lightning strikes, and which is capable of providing a forewarning to the the approach of severe weather conditions based around the proximity to lightning, which can aid in the determinations for the suspension and resumption of workplace operations .

The Skyscan P5-3 is an affordable handheld lightning detection device, which provides the user a factual dataset of lightning threat  information by which to gauge their own situational safety, as well as that of others during those times where higher risk conditions exist.

It is able to detect cloud to ground lightning within 60 kilometres, and will alert users by way of  an audible tone, and visually through 4 color coded LED’s.

A range selector allows the user to choose at which range detected cloud to ground lightning strikes will sound the audible warning tone,
which prompts the user to seek safe shelter, until the risk has passed.

Skyscan is powered by two 9V batteries, six 1.5V AA batteries, or by ( optional) 240VAC and/or 12 volt power adaptors.

A Low Battery LED automatically alerts users when the unit has approximately five hours of operational life remaining
in its batteries, and after five hours an automatic shutoff cuts in for extended battery life.

Additionally a battery save function extends battery life, by deactivating all LED’s, except the Battery Save LED , but will still provide the audible warning of local lightning strikes.


• Visual and audable alerts
• 40-50 hours normal battery life (75+ in battery saving mode)
• Can be operated on 9V or AA batterys
• Auto 5 hour shut off feature (Battery saving)


SKYSCAN EWS-PRO2 Lightning Detector

Introducing the Skyscan EWS-PRO2 , a high quality self contained and well featured portable Lightning Detection instrument that  can detect “Cloud to Ground” lightning strikes from up to 60 kms away, and which has the capability to provide a forewarning to approaching severe weather conditions, and which can assist in the determinations for the suspension and resumption of
safe workplace operations.

The EWS-PRO2 uses specialized technology which samples and analyzes selected pairs of frequencies within a specific electromagnetic spectrum of each “Cloud to Ground” lightning stroke, and by analysing the frequency and amplitude of the lightning waveforms, it can compute the distance to the detected threat to within one of four default ranges, by whch trigger action response procedures (TARP) can be based.

The EWS-PRO2 is an “Instant Ranging Device” (IRD), meaning that every detected “Cloud to Ground” lightning strike is ranged immediately and then notified by the illumination of  four (4) the correseponding color coded  distance LED’s, and a 105 dB audible horn that can be heard in workplaces with high background noise.

The Skyscan EWS -PRO2 is well suited to remote area workforce safety as it is provided with an internal sealed lead acid rechargeable battery along with an intelligent battery recharging system that can operate for 7+ days on a single charge.


• Digital microprocessor dual antenna
• Internal rechargeable battery (with charger storage compartment)
• Loud 105 db alert horn
• Adjustable range thresholds
• Low battery indicator
• Alert that warns of severe large storm cell approaching.
• Local interference warning signal


Any portable lightning detector must only be used under the strict guidance of a considered use policy and procedure  that outlines those steps that need to be taken to ensure that a predetermined safe shelter is sought, whenever thunderstorms are considered local.

Users must be mindful that no technology can predict if, when or where lightning will strike, and that the equipment is not able to detect “cloud to cloud” lightning activity which may preceed and /or accompany cloud to ground lightning activity.

If and where required, Lightningman can assist organisations with their selection and vetting of  the most appropriate threat detection technology most suited to their operations,  and can assist in the development of Lightning Management Plans, and Safe Working Procedures surrounding the use of threat detection and lightning safety.