Surge Protection

The team at Lightning and Surge Technologies are surge protection experts.
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Surge Diverters

Surge Diverter provide reliable and efficient protection against voltage transients within the IEC Class 1 & 2 and UL Type 1 & 2 environments. These are ideal when safety and performace in the harshest environmental conditions is required.

Surge Reduction Filters

Surge Filters combines high-energy surge diversion with surge filtering in addition to a low pass filtering stage that reduces the rate-of-voltage rise and let-through voltage whilst attenuating signal RFI/EMI noise problems.

Signal Protection

Signal Protection can offer protection for applications such as  signal communications systems and are designed to provide transient protection for equipment from induced surges

Data Protection

The Data Protection range is well-suited to the protection of industrial equipment/networks and are compact is size, while offering high surge carrying capacity.

Coaxial Protection

The nVent ERICO range of Coaxial Protection offer surge suppression over a wide operating frequency spectrum, and simple plug-in installation.

Telecommunications Protection

Telecommunications Protection range offers multiple protection stages providing enhanced protection to telecommunication and data circuits that terminate on 10 pair Krone-LSA plus disconnect blocks.