System 1000 Lightning Protection System

The ERITECH INTERCEPTOR SI is an Early Streamer Emission (ESE) air terminal  that is designed in accordance to the NFC 17-102 standard.

The design requirements, protection level calculations, and protection radius are obtained from this standard.

ERITECH INTERCEPTOR SI  includes an internal control circuit, which claims an early launch of an upward leader, as compared to other passive air terminals.

ERICO offers three (3)  ERITECH® INTERCEPTOR SI air terminals.

• SI25 with a triggering advance of 25μs
• SI40 with a triggering advance of 40μs
• SI60 with a triggering advance of 60μs

During thunderstorm conditions when the lightning down-leader is approaching the ground, an upward leader may be created by any
conductive surface exposed to the intensifying electric field.

In the case of a passive conventional lightning rod, the upward leader propagates only after a long period of charge reorganization, although in the case of the ERITECH INTERCEPTOR SI ESE, the initiation time of an upward leader is greatly reduced.

The ERITECH INTERCEPTOR SI ESE terminal generates controlled magnitude and frequency pulses at the tip of the terminal during high static field characteristic prior to a lightning discharge. This enables the creation of an upward leader from the terminal that propagates towards the downward leader coming from the thundercloud much earlier than a conventional air terminal.

To build a system, you will need to select

      • The required number of Air Terminals (as per the lightning protection design)
      • Type of Air terminal:
      • Type and Length of Mounting mast:
      • Type and Length of Down conductor :
      • Method of connecting Down conductor to Mounting Mast/ Air terminal:
      • Type of Lightning Event Counter:

System 1000 Components