B162-2QCS701 Earth Bridge, 1m 70mm c/w weld tail


The grounding of structures and equipotential bonding is a critical aspect in providing electrical safety across all installations and industries.

Equipotential bonding to in-situ steel reo-mesh reinforcement supplements the provision of low impedance grounding, whilst equalizing dangerous electrical potential gradients posed through the Earth Potential Rise (EPR) associated with the dissipation of high voltage, and lightning current into the ground mass.

nVent ERICO Earth Bridges provide a convenient and efficient manner by which structural earthing and equipotential bonding can be provided, whilst offering an unobtrusive means by which future bonding requirements can be accommodated.

nVent ERICO Earth Bridges are strategically placed within concrete/civils formwork prior to concrete pour, where their flexible conductor tails and mild steel weld flags are welded, or mechanically clamped to insitu structural reo-mesh steel reinforcement.

Once concrete has been poured, and formwork has been removed, only a flush brass gunmetal alloy earth connection plate remains visible, providing for simplified M12 bolted and lugged connection points for the
provision of structural bonding, lightning protection, and other supplemental grounding requirements.

• Provides an equipotential earth plane, critical for safely dealing with Earth Potential Rise (EPR).
• Supplements lower resistance by integrating the reo bar into the earthing design.
• Allows simple bolted interconnection from roof mounted LPS components.
• Allows simple bolted interconnection to ground installed LP earthing electrodes and gradient rings.
• Can alleviate the need for the purchase and installation of expensive LPS down-conductors.
• Significantly reduces labor costs.
• Reduces the risk of copper theft.

The nVent ERICO Earth Bridges are available in either 2 hole (or 4 hole versions,) and include:

• 1000 mm of 70mm2 PVC insulated conductor.
• A mild steel weld flag.
• M12 threaded receptacles.
• 304 grade stainless steel bolts, spring and flat washers.
• Heat shrink over all connections.



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