EHL34G1K Hammerlock For Full Size Copper-bonded 19mm Ground Rod, 16mm cable (Copy)

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The nVent ERICO Hammerlock irreversible mechanical connection connects the grounding conductor to the ground rod. Machined from highly conductive copper, the state-of-the-art Hammerlock provides a low resistance connection designed to withstand ground fault currents and lightning transients. The connector’s mechanically rugged design will help ensure that the highest level of performance is maintained for many years after the connection has been buried in the harsh underground environment.

Installing the Hammerlock is as easy as swinging a hammer and requires no special tools or training. The Hammerlock can be installed three to five times faster than an acorn clamp and provides a high-quality grounding connection that is easy to use and withstands 100% of the current carrying capacity of the conductor.


  • Irreversible connection with excellent mechanical strength
  • Fast and simple installation requires only a hammer
  • No special training required
  • Low resistance connection
  • Provides a visual indication of completed connection
  • Allows for “T” or pass-through connection


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