LightningMast Safe Productivity trailer mounted LPS


The Lightningman™ LightningMast safe productivity trailer is a highly mobile and portable ‘trailer mounted’ area lightning protection solution, that when deployed strategically across high value/high yield production areas, establishes protected working areas /corridors, allowing high yield/high value HME production operations to continue safely during periods of red alert

The LightningMast safe productivity trailers are a self powered and self contained portable lightning protection solution, which can be deployed by a single operator in less than 6 minutes.

When deployed, the LightningMast  extends to an overall height of 22 mtrs. ( Other heights are available)

A solar/pneumatic control system is supported by on-board solar panels, a DC charger/ controller, and a string of deep cycle batteries, provide a self contained  and standalone power supply to a high performance twin motor air compressor that extends the mast to its full extension.



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