SEB-10 Grounding Busbar 600 x 50 x 5 , 10 hole


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Proper bonding is essential to create an equipotential plane between service grounds and equipment during fault and transient conditions. This equipotential plane provides a near-zero voltage differential, and serves to protect people and equipment during these events. The grounding busbar is the most popular bonding product in use today.


  • Provides a convenient, single-point grounding and bonding location
  • Conductors are welded to the bar using a nVent ERICO Cadweld exothermic connection or are mechanically fastened by using lugs
  • Custom bars can be designed and manufactured to customer specifications


Part Number SEB-10
Article Number 545030
Material Copper
Busbar Configuration Busbar, Insulators, Brackets and Fasteners
Hole Pattern EE
Mounting Hole Size 11.1 mm
Length 600 mm
Width 50 mm
Thickness 5 mm
Tin Plating No
Pigtail Included No
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285687524
EAN-13 3479775450308
Diagrams are representative of the hole pattern. The number of holes is dependent on the length of the grounding busbar.
Additional configurations are available by special order. Note special orders may incur additional lead time.


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