SGR Strike Guard Lightning Data Receiver


The Strike Guard SGR Lightning Data Receiver is mounted internally and receives serial data from the external Strike Guard SGS lightning sensor via a non-conducting plastic optical fibre communications link.

The lightning data receiver decodes lightning and status messages and provides the logic and timing needed to give audible, visual lightning and status information, and to provide contact closure signaling of external equipment.

There are three (3) default distance ranges that can be pre-configured via hardware jumper setting on the printed circuit board, whereby alerts can be triggered at:

    • Caution    lightning detected within 32 km
    • Warning   lightning detected within 16 km
    • Alarm       lightning detected within 8 km

The SGR lightning data receiver provides two (2) relays (Main and auxiliary) that can be pre-configured to alert to various distance thresholds, that can be used to interface with the proprietary WAVE Siren transmitter, for autonomous signaling of remote WAVE Siren/Strobe stations via a Wi-Fi means.

Additionally these contact closures can be used to interface third-party equipment, or for third-party threat notification options

Where multiple relays may be required over and above the two available relay contact closures , an additional Strike Guard lightning data receiver can be wired in series with the existing strike guard lightning data receiver, via a fiber- optic conductor, allowing for notifications at the caution, warning and alarm conditions.

The SGR lightning data receiver was designed for maximum reliability during thunderstorms when lightning caused power disturbances, power failures, and lightning surge currents, tend to compromise less robust critical equipment. The lightning data receiver is designed for ease-of-use, and be easy to install with a short learning curve for setup and use.

Unlike the Strike Guard SGS lightning sensor, the SFR lightning data receiver is not weatherproof, where the lightning data receiver is specified to operate in a normal office environment.  Subjecting the lightning data receiver to high humidity, high-temperature, insect and rodent habitat will shorten useful product life significantly.

It is strongly recommended that the Strike Guard Lightning Data Receiver be housed in the proprietary WXEIB enclosure, especially in harsh mining environments where fine dust can negatively affect the life of the equipment.




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