EST6472 Ground Resistance Tester, 300ft kit, multi-function




  • Measures Ground Impedance at frequencies up to 5kHz to test lightning strike protection
  • Ground Resistance testing using the 2 clamp method (no auxiliary rods needed) using optional current probes
  • Includes Data View® software for data storage, real-time display, analysis, report generation and system configuration
  • 3-Point Fall-of-Potential measurement with manual or automatic frequency selection
  • Used under difficult conditions such as the presence of high-stray currents that normally affect accuracy
  • Automatic report generation including the fall of potential plot
  • 4-Point soil resistivity measurement with automatic calculation of Rho and user selection of Wenner or Schlumberger test method
  • 3-Point earth coupling measurement
  • Manual and automatic frequency scan from 41 to 5,078Hz for optimum test accuracy in electrically-noisy environments
  • Selectable test voltage of 16 or 32V up to 250mA of test current
  • 2- and 4-Wire Bond Resistance/Continuity Measurement (DC Resistance) with automatic polarity reversal
  • Stores up to 512 complete test results in internal memory
  • Optically isolated USB communication included
  • Display with automatic backlight when entering a function
  • Rugged dustproof and rainproof field case – IP53 rated in closed position
  • AC-powered with rechargeable NiMH batteries from wall charger or vehicle power
  • Auto-off power management


Part Number EST6472
Certifications CE
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285663898
EAN-13 8711893099928
Ground Resistance Tester Information
3-Point Measurement
Range (Auto-Ranging) 0.09Ω to 99.9kΩ
Resolution 0.01Ω to 100Ω
Test Voltage Nominal 16 or 32Vrms user selectable
Operating Frequency 41 to 5078Hz automatic or user selectable
Test Current Up to 250mA
Accuracy ±2% of Reading + 1ct @ 128Hz
2-Clamp Measurement
Range 0.1 to 500Ω
Resolution 0.01 to 1Ω
Operating Frequency Auto: 1367Hz; Manual: 128Hz-1367Hz-1611Hz-1758Hz
Soil Resistivity 4-Point Measurement
Test Method Wenner or Schlumberger selectable with automatic calculation of test results in Ω-meters
Range (Auto-Ranging) 0.01 to 99.99kΩ; ρ max: 999kΩm
Resolution 0.01 to 100Ω
Test Voltage 16 or 32V user selectable
Operating Frequency From 41 to 128Hz selectable
External Voltage Measurement
Range (Auto-Ranging) 0.1 to 65.0VAC/DC – DC to 440Hz
Accuracy ±2% of Reading + 1ct
Resistance Measurement (Bond Testing)
Measurement Type 2-Pole (with lead resistance compensation) or 4-Pole (Kelvin sensing) user selectable
Range (Auto-Ranging) 2-Pole 0.02Ω to 99.99kΩ; 4-Pole 0.02Ω to 99.99kΩ
Accuracy ±2% of Reading + 2cts
Test Voltage 16VDC (+, – or auto polarity)
Test Current Up to 250mA max
Data Storage
Memory Capacity 512 test results (64KB)
Power Source 9.6V rechargeable battery pack (included)
Recharging Source 110/220 50/60Hz external charger with 18Vdc, 1.9A output


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