WAVE PS-01 WAVE Sequencer Direct Connect


Download Product Brochure here https://www.wxline.com/Sequencer%20Datasheet%20V9.pdf

The WAVE Sequencer Direct Connect Interfaces to the Strike Guard Lightning Data Receiver auxiliary relay and provides three outputs to control contactors appropriate for managing the loads represented by pumps, irrigation systems and other critical equipment.

Includes Strike Guard interface cable, battery backup, and AC power supply.

The WAVE Sequencer offers:

1. Three 12 VDC outputs to control up to three sequenced relays
2. Sequenced disable and enable
3. Remote automatic control via WAVE Transmitter, or local manual control of Sequence On and Sequence Off command
4. External indicators of system status, integrated self-test features

The WAVE Sequencer provides front panel manual Sequence Off and Sequence On switches and a key-switch that enables or disables the automatic restore function.


• 5 km wireless communication link distance
• Secure encoded communications
• Front-panel status indicators for communication, battery and output condition
• Battery back-up for uninterrupted operation in a lightning environment
• Low-voltage outputs for controlling relays
• Extensive system self-tests, including communication, battery and output status
• Stainless steel enclosure, optional NEMA 4X enclosure

The WAVE Sequencer complements the Strike Guard Lightning Warning System to provide automatic remote shut-down and isolation of vulnerable electrical irrigation equipment during local thunderstorms. The Sequencer is the critical control element in modern, intelligent, active lightning protection schemes for central irrigation control computers, irrigation satellites and pump station equipment.


INSTALLATION: Wall-mountable.
ENCLOSURE: Type 304 stainless steel for indoor environment.
ENCLOSURE OPTION: ABS NEMA 4X enclosure for outdoor environment.
CONTROL OUTPUT: 12 VDC (600 mA per output or 1.8 A total).
OUTPUT DELAY RANGE: 0-320 seconds per output on Sequence On and Sequence Off command.
COMMUNICATION: Super-heterodyne. Complete RF supervision.
BATTERY: User-replaceable lead-acid batteries. Low-battery indicator.
ANTENNA: Standard 3 ft monopole antenna, 25 ft coaxial cable.
EXTERNAL POWER: In-line switching power supply. Input 100-240 VAC,
50/60 Hz. UL, VDE, FCC, CSA, CE.

Contact Wxline or Lightningman Pty Ltd for a list of recommended relays and typical wiring diagrams.


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