WAVE SS02-SO-ST Wave Siren Station Dual Horn with Strobe and Solar


Download Product brochure here  https://www.wxline.com/WAVE%20Siren%20V9.pdf

Multi-function, Double remote siren station with two all-weather 120-degree directional horns, one high-intensity strobe, radio receiver, 55 WATT Solar panel with upgraded battery back-up, mounting plate, and antenna.


• Automatic or manual wireless siren actuation within a three mile radius
• Secure encoded communications
• Comprehensive, automatic self-test of RF communication and system status
• High intensity strobe light option for visual notification
• Siren Station NEMA 4X enclosure
• RF transmission test signal for Siren Station site selection
• Manual key operation or automated operation with contact-closure signal
• Programmable hours of operation to restrict automated external control
• Solar- or AC-powered Siren Station available
• High capacity, battery back-up for uninterrupted operation in a lightning environment
• Exclusive quick-connect technology for horns and solar panel

WAVE Siren and the Strike Guard Lightning Warning System combine to provide a fully automated  lightning warning system. Strike Guard easily connects to the WAVE Transmitter to trigger the WAVE Siren Stations and WAVE Sequencers for audible lightning hazard notification and equipment protection at multiple locations.

The WAVE Siren Station offers:
1. Simplified installation and flexibility through modular design
2. Solar or AC power input
3. Optional strobe light to provide visual indication of conditions
4. External indicators of system status
5. Super-high sound pressure level – directional or omni-directional


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