WAVE TR-01 Wave Siren Transmitter


Download Product brochure here  https://www.wxline.com/WAVE%20Siren%20V9.pdf

WAVE employs state-of-the-art wireless technology to address the most demanding audible and visual event notification and hazard warning applications over areas of less than a hectare  to hundreds of hectares.

Designed for critical safety applications, the WAVE Transmitter broadcasts digitally encrypted messages to activate WAVE Siren Stations within a three mile radius. The Transmitter accepts contact-closure signaling for automated triggering during programmable hours of operation. WAVE relies on low frequency RF communication to operate in noisy environments and over challenging terrain

WAVE Siren Station horns are modular in design to provide audible notification specific to the desired coverage area and application. Based on coverage area and sound pressure level requirements, Siren Stations can be ordered with up to four 100 W re-entrant horn, high-efficiency compression-drivers.


Wireless transmitter, key-operated, antenna, 70ft antenna cable, AC power supply and battery back-up. A Strike Guard interface cable is provided to connect the Strike Guard Lightning Data Receiver and WAVE Transmitter.


INSTALLATION: Wall-mountable.
ENCLOSURE: Type 304 stainless steel for indoor environment.
BATTERY: User-replaceable lead-acid batteries. Low-battery indicator.
COMMUNICATION: 10 W, 27.255 MHz, DIP switch address programming.
SETTINGS: Hours of operation for external control input are programmable via soft keys and front panel LCD.
DISPLAY: System status, power and transmit indicator, manual selection knob, key-activated manual transmission.
CONTROL INPUT: Contact-closure signaling. CAT 5 interface cable.
EXTERNAL POWER: In-line switching power supply. Input 100-240 VAC,
50/60 Hz. UL, VDE, FCC, CSA, CE.
RANGE: 5 Km  radius, longer range with available high-gain antennae

The WAVE Transmitter sends secure coded RF messages to  activate an unlimited number of Siren Stations and Sequencers within a five km radius.

The WAVE Transmitter offers:
1. Easy programming through front panel switches and LCD
2. Comprehensive, automatic system status monitoring
3. Manual control or automated activation from external contact-closure
4. Manual selection of desired transmission via front panel quick-select knob



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